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Knolly Bikes launches omnichannel bike purchase program

Published November 22, 2016

NORTH VANCOUVER, British Columbia (BRAIN) — Knolly Bikes is launching an online sales program for its bikes that includes its IBD clients.

"We believe that a great bike purchasing experience includes an IBD and we are dedicated to the dealers that make it their life to provide great customer service to every consumer that walks through their door. With that in mind we will be launching our online store with the aim of pulling sales through IBD shops at full margin and introducing the dealer to a new client base," said Paul Nash, Knolly's general manager.

"Noel (Buckley, Knolly's CEO and president) has a strong connection to the IBD and he believes it is vitally important that we support them," Nash said. He said the program had four main objectives: helping customers get the Knolly bike they want, having an IBD involved in the sale, sharing the full margin with the store and making sure the dealer is not left with product that was ordered by a consumer if the sale goes sideways for some reason.

He said the company also hopes the program introduces the brand to more dealers.

"Our Knolly website sees a steady amount of traffic so we hope that we can help IBD's in every market increase their sales and meet new clients. The typical Knolly consumer knows about our brand, has a friend that already rides one or is looking to add to their quiver of Knolly bikes with a new model. Because of this we are often approached directly by consumers that want to purchase our bikes but do not have the avenue to do so. By opening up Knolly Online we will be able to help customers get the bike of their dreams, help dealers grow their business and hopefully meet some great new partners along the way."

When a consumer purchases a Knolly bike or frame online and there is a Knolly dealer in the area, the product shipped will be shipped to the dealer for assembly. If there is no Knolly dealer in the area the consumer will be able to recommend their favorite store and Knolly will contact them, set up the sale, ship the bike and share the margin.

"Either way the dealer is making their margin, the consumer gets great customer service, the bike is professionally built and there is no risk to the dealer. We think this is a win-win for everyone involved," Nash said.

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