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Amelia Kegel joins NBDA board

Published July 13, 2017

LAFAYETTE, Colo. (BRAIN) —  The National Bicycle Dealers Association has announced that Amelia Kegel, marketing manager for the Milwaukee retailer Wheel & Sprocket, has joined the NBDA's Board of Directors.

"I am excited to be a part of the collaborative effort of the leaders in the bike industry to unite and inspire shop owners across the U.S. to be successful for the next wave of bicycle retail," said Kegel.

Todd Grant, the NBDA's president, said, "Amelia is incredibly well respected within the cycling community and we couldn't be more pleased to have her joining the NBDA's board of directors as we tackle the challenges that modern day retailers face.

"Having just spent a week with Amelia at the Places For Bikes conference held by PeopleForBikes, I can say without hesitation that she brings an incredible blend of retail experience, a continually forward-thinking viewpoint and boundless energy."

Amelia was born into the bike industry as the oldest daughter to Chris Kegel of Wheel & Sprocket. Her love for cycling started young with family bikes that scaled up to cycling tours across the U.S. and Canada.

She returned to Wheel & Sprocket after earning a degree in forestry and natural resource conservation. She has been heading the marketing and events departments at Wheel & Sprocket for the last five years, helping to find creative ways to get more people on bikes while focusing on year-round cycling initiatives. Amelia has been active in cycling advocacy locally and nationally, serving as chairperson for the Milwaukee County Trails Council and speaking at events like the recent Places for Bikes conference.

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