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Northwave begins dealer direct sales in North America

Published August 11, 2017

ONIGO DI PEDEROBBA, Italy (BRAIN) — The Italian shoe brand Northwave is beginning direct distribution in North America, ending sales through Hawley-Lambert.

Beginning next month, the brand will begin sales to U.S. dealers via its sales reps and its new B2B site.

Michele Battocchio, the director of sales and marketing for Northwave, said, "We are grateful to our friends at Hawley-Lambert for their support of the Northwave brand over the past years. It is time for a new chapter in Northwave's history, during which our aim is to have a closer, more direct, and more mutually beneficial relationship with our retail customers and improve service for our end users, as we grow the Northwave brand in the North American market."

The company said its revised sales and distribution system further allows Northwave more ability to monitor MAP policy and compliance.

Northwave has brought on sales staff to serve retail customers in Canada and the U.S. In Canada, Northwave has hired Pierre Tasse with Agence de Sports PTS Inc.. In the U.S., the company has hired Sean Kneale with Evolution Sales Management.

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