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Framebuilder Supply awards Women Build Bikes grant to Jackie Mautner

Published November 21, 2017

PORTLAND, Ore. (BRAIN) — Framebuilder Supply has awarded Portland framebuilder Jackie Mautner its first Women Build Bikes grant, which consists of a $1,200 credit toward framebuilding materials from the supplier.

The company said it is "committed to removing barriers to innovation and this includes barriers that make it harder for women to establish themselves in the framebuilding world."

Company co-founder Tony Tapay said at the recent Handbuilt Bike Show in Portland, he and co-founder Mike Cobb noticed there were almost no women builders.

"This certainly wasn't the first time that we've noticed the lack of representation of women at bike industry events, but this time we came away motivated to do something about it, especially as it pertains to our niche of framebuilding. In pursuit of this, we decided to create a yearly grant - Women Build Bikes - to assist up-and-coming female framebuilders. Our first step was reaching out to a number of women in the bike industry, seeking their assistance in identifying promising candidates for this grant. Jackie was one of those nominated, and when she responded to our questions, her answers really demonstrated an understanding of what we were setting out to do."

In response to one of the questions, "What do you believe you bring to the framebuilding world that is unique?" Jackie wrote, "First and foremost, I hope to build the community of women, transgender, and non binary folks within the frame building industry. Creating spaces where we can support one another on our own individual and/or collaborative journeys, as well as breaking down barriers to achieving our goals such as under-representation."

Tapay said the company intends to make the grant an annual event, but may change the focus as needed.

"Each year we'll invite the previous years' recipients to participate in the process, insuring that we keep our attention on underrepresented groups. The name and focus of the grant could change or expand, but for right now the focus is on women."

Cobb said, "We just really see a more diverse industry as a sign of health. It brings in more ideas and more resilience." 

Jackie Mautner teaching a class at Portland's Community Cycling Center.

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