The $15mm Man Or Maam

I’ve heard it said that no two snowflakes that land on planet Earth are alike. There’s also a theory that if one atom in the universe were to occupy the same space/time the whole cosmos would implode.  The same goes for your retail store, which is your brand! It’s what the alien nation calls DFD or ‘Death From Duplication’ for those of us that are acronym challenged.

The 2011 NAHBS Awards winners are as follows:

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Can You Turn Less Into More? 

I’ve followed professional wrestling for several decades. It’s the best integrated marketing on the planet and their longevity and strong financials are proof.  Ok, go ahead make fun of me because I know all about Ravishing Rick Rude and his signature move “The Rude Awakening”. Actually there’s a business model and competitive strategic approach I’ve implemented with several of my clients based on this piledriver’esque move. But I digress….. 

Share your thoughts and memories of Russ Okawa in our comments section down below.

As the year draws to a close, it’s a perfect time to reflect and revisit the most influential news stories of the year.

After two years, the final post in the series. (And about time, too.)

Six Ways Bike Industry Marketing Models Religious Cult Behavior

How bike companies profit by sponsoring zillion-dollar racing teams and advertising products that (almost) no one ever buys.

…And other Unpleasant Facts Of Life The Bicycle Advocacy Movement Needs To Learn Real Darn Quick-Like

Today I sat with an anxiously ambitious CU student who interned for a client of mine.  A smart but obviously misguided youth, he asked me to be a mentor on his new web based product/services idea that took 2nd place in the business school competition. He’s chomping at the bit for some light speed online retail growth.  

I was fortunate to get an invitation from Ridley Bikes to see its new headquarters in the Flanders region of Belgium last week as well as sample a bit of the local culture.

The Last Two Installments In The Perfect Competition Series…Plus The Final Scorecard.

If bike shops want to compete for the bulk of the US market, they need cheaper bikes.

How Product Homogeneity and Constant Returns to Scale effectively limit the Big Brands' growth potential

A recent WSJ article headline said “Looking To Grow, JC Penney Tries To Carve New Niches”. It’s Penney’s  new fangled strategy to try and salvage their “stuck in the middle” dying retail model.

It’s a key retail skill. And I bet you thought it was vitesse or souplesse…
It’s politeness. Please. Thank you. I’m sorry that happened. Accept our apology.

Last week we talked about three tactics that 1.0 brands are using to great effect in trying to break the industry cycle of Perfect Competition. This week, three more tactics where they’re not doing nearly as well.

Both are non-negotiables in a Bicycle Retailer’s marketing plan.  Today the market requires both a mastery of bathrooms and the art of super niche social media, among other things.  Properly played both can be brand celebrations of your specialty retail shop.


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