It’s an ego-driven epidemic in bike shops. It scares away customers. It’s the Authority Battle. 

Industry Experts (including you) weight in on the “Perfect Competition” Model Of The Bike Biz

Five days on a bike in the Bay Area last week showed me how much progress we’ve made in creating a bike-friendly America.

Why Business Schools say Bike 1.0 will never win (hint: it’s because we’re too Perfect.)

Plan A...Embrace change and make some lemonade.....

It’s not about Anaheim, folks. And at the end of the day, it’s not even about August.

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It has been said having a high level of reversibility on a business decision can be a good thing.

We’re not super-sure why you made the Double A (Anaheim, August) move in the first place. That no longer matters. Harmony is restored.

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That Top Retailers know about…and most Suppliers don’t

BRaIN celebrated the Top 100 retailers at Interbike. 1,000 dealers jeered. Eddy Merckx smiled.

Like they say, when someone tells you “it’s not about the money”…it’s ALL about the money. Just ask two of the groups complaining loudest about the new Interbike dates and venue.

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When one of America's top retailers voluntarily parts ways with America's largest premier bike manufacturer, there's gotta be a back-story.

Bummer…..read about the British millionaire businessman who bought Segway last year.

Interbike’s increasingly problematic future has its seeds in Interbike’s
equally problematic past. Here’s a teensie-weensie history lessons that
show why we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Ellen Johnson from Pacific Cycle received a Pioneering Woman award from the OIWC Thursday afternoon at Interbike. Richly deserved.

Let’s start with some good news? Many I-bike attendees were pleasantly surprised with the turn out and the positive show energy despite pre-show predictions of empty aisles. The not so good news? Many of my two wheeled terrestrial friends in attendance suspect that Interbike could be a trade show Titanic.

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Why Every Internet Venue Is Worse Than Every Other One.

It’s a fact the bike biz is male dominated.

There are many contenders for most undersold category, MUC for short. For a while, it was CO2 inflators, but that’s now a staple in shops. Leg warmers, energy gels (in every seatpack), I’m sure you have your top choice.

Wow, the more things humans change the more they stay the same. The Anaheim Interbike band is back together again and hoping to hit SpinalTap Volume 11 to get everyone on board.

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