You might get lucky rolling out an alternative to paid advertising and do it less expensively.

A move to embrace non-enthusiast categories may turn out to be a pretty big deal.

BLC-style meetings can act as industry-wide catalysts for change.

Communities across the USA are stepping up to create bike-friendly communities on their own

We've had 20 years of zero net growth in this industry. So what are we going to do about it?

A Kansas retailer responds to Rick Vosper's blog

Why do companies keep advertising bikes that 99% of consumers don't buy in magazines that 99% of consumers don't read?

What the bike biz has to teach Mad Men's Don Draper about the cutting-edge discipline of Content Marketing.

The press is working up a head of steam towards another round of stories about how the Usual Suspects did not invent the mountain bike.

An urban cycling apparel maker responds to Rick Vosper's blog about Levi's.

In much of the third world bicycles are capital equipment. You can change a life for $150.

Periodically some corporate giant decides to step into the bike business to show us rubes how it's done.

I’m turning into That Guy I Used to Hate … The Expert Counselor.

Let's put $15 million per year back into retailer's pockets, and $7.5 million into advocacy's

It took a diagnosis of metastatic cancer to turn me into an optimist.

The most encouraging industry trend in the past two decades has nothing to do with products. It’s the increase in industry advocacy awareness and the closely related rise of Bikes Belong.

Dear Readers, There’s been some confusion among our readers about recent changes to our website, so I wanted to let you know what we’re doing and what we’re planning.

With tongue firmly in cheek, a wheelbuilder makes the case for ceramic bearings.

Why are all bike taillights cheap pieces of crap?

Mr. McQuaid, are you listening?


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