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Scott to offer five 27.5-plus models in the US

Published June 19, 2015

SALT LAKE CITY (BRAIN) — Scott Sports will offer five 27.5-plus mountain bikes in the U.S. this year, adopting a 30mm wide rim and 2.8-inch wide tires to create what the company says is the best compromise between fat-tire handling, weight and rolling resistance. Like many other brands, Scott is using the wider, offset Boost drivetrain configuration to make room for the big tires.

In Europe, the brand will offer 11 bike models with 27.5-plus tires, including an e-bike. The company continues to offer 29-inch, standard 27.5-inch and fat bikes in both markets.

Prices will be launched at Scott Week, a dealer event in Utah next month.  The company is expecting to have the bikes in its U.S. warehouse in November, according to Chris Pic, Scott's USA bike product manager.

In announcing the new models, Scott said each wheel and tire configuration has its purpose:

"We are confident that the 27.5-plus addition to the existing wheel size geometry standards will make its way into the mountain biker's vision. The long established 29-inch and the younger 27.5-inch geometries are well positioned in the MTB market. While 29ers are best for fast rides, keeping momentum and rollover, 27.5-inch wheels are well known for their nimble, agile handling (and) top acceleration. With 4.8-inch wide tires, adventurers explore new grounds riding fat bikes," the company said.

"27.5-plus offers an entirely new riding experience and will extend the scope of traction and control to the majority of mountain bikes without making any significant compromises ... We believe that riding at any level can become easier and more intense. We have no doubt that 27.5-plus is here to stay - the benefits are immense."

Scott said the 2.8-inch Schwalbe tires spec'd on the Plus bikes increase traction over regular 27.5 tires, with a 21 percent larger contact patch, and rolling resistance increases just 1 percent. The tires also increase snake-bike flat resistance by 8 percent. The bikes use 30mm wide Syncros-branded aluminum rims, which the company said allow lower tire pressures with less tire sidewall squirm than narrower rim widths. 

In the U.S., Scott will offer the Scale 710 Plus and Scale 720 Plus aluminum-framed hardtails, and the Genius 700 Tuned Plus, Genius 710 Plus, and Genius 720 Plus carbon fiber full suspension models. All the models use Fox suspension forks compatible with 110-mm wide Boost front hubs; the full-suspension models use Fox Nude shocks.

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