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Magura debuts Vyron wireless electronic dropper post at Eurobike

Published August 25, 2015

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — As dropper seatposts gain favor among a broader range of mountain bikers, Magura enters the market with a new — and electrified — twist on getting down and dirty for descents.

The Vyron eLECT electronic post, shown at Eurobike’s opening Demo Day on Tuesday, uses a wireless remote control and ANT+ protocol to deliver infinite height adjustment along its 150 millimeters of stroke. The system uses the same battery as Magura’s eLECT electronic suspension system, and the post fully charges in three hours via a micro USB port on the seatpost head. One charge is good for at least 40 hours of use, or about 400 actuations, said Gotz Braun, head of marketing for Magura. As the battery wears down, a warning light indicates it has enough charge remaining for about 20 more actuations, he added.

There is a slight delay in the Vyron’s action — about one second — after depressing the button, as its hydraulic system opens or closes, demonstrations in Magura’s Demo Day booth Tuesday showed.

Among the virtues of the system Magura touted is the ease of swapping the post and remote among multiple bikes — no internal or external cables or hydraulic hoses to reroute. Consumers can also select a remote that operates only the Vyron or a three-button unit that also handles duty for Magura’s eLECT fork and rear shock. Both are offered at the same price, according to Braun.

The Vyron will come in 30.9- and 31.6-millimeter diameters at a weight of 597 grams. MSRP is 400 euros; U.S. pricing was not available at Demo Day. Targeted delivery is November.

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