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Taipei Product: E-Thirteen's innovative DH wheel and cassette

Published March 2, 2016

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN) — E-thirteen has created a stronger DH rear wheel design by reducing the space between its proprietary 7-speed cassette and the hub's drive-side spoke flange. The new LG1R Carbon wheel is going to be raced this season by DH star Aaron Gwin.

The wheel's special cassette has the freehub pawls attached to its largest cog, which is an aluminum 21-tooth. The design eliminates wasted space between the cog and the spokes, allowing the right flange to be moved over to create a more symmetrical spoking pattern for strength. The rest of the cogs are steel, with a 9-tooth smallest cog. 

Because of all available axle spacing options, front and rear, E-Thirteen is moving away from selling pairs of wheels, which required dealers to stock too many SKUs to meet all the demands, a company spokesman said. So the new LG1R Carbon rear wheel will be sold separately, for about $1,100 retail including the cassette, available in late April. 

The 9-21 7-speed cassette comes with the wheel.
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