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Bopworx offers reusable bike protection products for travel and shipping

Published March 18, 2016

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — Bopworx is a new brand, launched on Kickstarter, that offers resusable bike protection products for shipping, traveling with, or storing bikes. The company offers padded, easily attached protectors specifically made for the rear derailleur, forks, and more. They can be used in airline travel cases, shipping boxes, or car racks.


The company was founded by an Irish husband and wife team, Paul and Ciara McGriskin, who saw the need after traveling the U.S. with multiple bikes on a rental car. After finding different makeshift ways to protect their bikes while traveling, they decided to produce a reusable solution. With Paul's background as a ceramicist and architect he designed the products using durable rubber, hard plastic, and hook and latch systems. No tools are required.

The company currently offers four items, with more on the way.

The Bop Bumper ($19.99 retail) and Double Bumper ($34.99) attach to any point on the bike and can create a pad of protection between bikes on a rack. 

The Rear Derailleur Guard ($24.99) attaches with a stainless steel tab that slips into a loosened quick release skewer. With the skewer tightened,the hard plastic on the guard protects the derailleur from any bumps or compression.

The Fork Guard ($49.99) includes an axle spacer to eliminate compression, and also provides outer wheels to help make loading the bike easier. This also helps with storing a bike with the front wheel removed. It also includes a detachable disc caliper spacer to keep pistons from closing.

Finally, the Bopwrap, which will release later this summer, replaces the need for all the towels, t-shirts, tennis balls, socks and other makeshift padding. Made out of soft, pliable rubber, the Bopwrap can be used on the frame, pedals, handlebars, and anywhere the bike needs extra protection.

More information:

The Bopworx Rear Derailleur Guard.

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