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Slytech Protection launches new line of knee and elbow protectors

Published April 12, 2016

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (BRAIN) — Slytech Protection is introducing new lines of knee and elbow protectors at a range of price points. 

The new products incorporate new technology including Slytech NoShock, which is a honeycomb cone-shaped structure composed of Slytech 2nd Skin XT foam, which the company said allows for multi-directional impact energy dissipation. Additionally, Slytech One polymer is a cost-effective derivative of 2nd Skin XT.

The new items include the KneePro and ElbowPro NoShock Kevlar, which exceed EN 1621-2 Level 2 safety certifications. The knee version weighs 512 grams per pair and retails for $119. The elbow version weighs 426 grams and retails for $109.

Also incorporating Slytech NoShock technology, the KneePro and ElbowPro NoShock XT Lite pads were  designed to be super lightweight with ultimate ventilation. Silicon bands and expanding fabric are used for secure positioning and comfort. Armortex Abrasion resistant front panels are ultra-durable and help the pads exceed EN1621-2 level 1 safety certifications.

The knee version weighs 226 grams and retails for $99; the elbow version weighs 204 grams and retails for $89.

A heavy-duty option is the KneePro and ElbowPro Heavy Duty, which have Armortex HeavyDuty anti-abrasion front pads and removable Slytech One pads. They meet EN 1621-2 level 2 safety certifications and have ergonomically positioned straps for added comfort and mobility. The knee pads are 496 grams and retail for $89. The elbow pads are 406 grams and retail for $79. 

A more minimalist and cost-effective option – the KneePro and ElbowPro One Lite pads use a derivative of the 2nd Skin XT material. The strapless sleeve design jas silicone bands and breathable elastic mesh and meet EN 1621-2 Level 1 safety certifications. The knee pad is 214 grams and retails for $69. The elbow pads are 192 grams and retail  for $59.

The new KneePro One Trail pads have an open back for ventilation and convenience. They  incorporate Armortex HeavyDuty abrasion protection, and Slytech One protection technology, and can be donned and removed without removing your shoes. They weigh 512 grams and retail for $99.

For complete coverage, the ShinPro NoShock Kevlar pads have perforated neoprene and Kevlar anti abrasion panels for long term durability and ventilation. They have built-in easy-on straps and removable Slytech NoShock pads and retail for $109. A more economical option is the ShinPro Heavy Duty with Armortex, which retail for $79.

Finally, the KneePro and ElbowPro Shield pads were designed and conceptualized by Ryan Nyquist. They have a Slytech Shield polymer shell, internal donut for secure positioning and proprietary Slytech One technology on the inside. The knee pads retails at $69 and elbow pads are $59.

For all sales/distribution inquiries and questions contact Aaron Malone, Slytech's global bike sales manager at

The KneePro One Lite.
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