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Wahoo updates ELEMNT computer with live Strava segments

Published August 3, 2016

ATLANTA, Ga. (BRAIN) — Wahoo Fitness has released a software update for its ELEMNT GPS bike computer that includes a live Strava segment feature. Several other GPS computer makers have similar features and Wahoo has promised the update for a while. ELEMNT owners can update their software wirelessly with the ELEMNT mobile app.


When a Strava/ELEMNT user reaches a segment that he or she had previously starred, the computer will bring up a new page that displays segment progress, distance remaining and the segment's elevation profile. The Strava Live Segment page can be customized to display other metrics at the same time.

"We're very proud of how we were able to implement Strava Live Segments on the ELEMNT," said Chip Hawkins, the CEO of Wahoo Fitness. "Taking full advantage of the ELEMNT's unique user interface, we were able to offer an incredible amount of functionality and an enhanced user experience using the Strava Live Segments feature."

During the segment, the ELEMNT's LED lights on the side and front of the unit will indicate progress and show whether riders are ahead of or behind their target. A 'Final Push' page takes over the display to alert and motivate the rider in the final seconds. The feature works when segments overlap and works if the rider is following a route with the ELEMNT.

Once the segment is completed, a segment history page allows riders to review all Strava Live Segments ridden up to that point in the ride. A Premium Strava account is required.

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