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Wahoo releases new GPS computer, the ELEMNT Bolt, designed to be more aerodynamic

Published March 14, 2017

ATLANTA, Ga. (BRAIN) — Wahoo Fitness has released its second GPS bike computer model, the ELEMNT Bolt. 

The $249 Bolt shares many of the same features as the original ELEMNT and has an aerodynamic shape. The company says that wind tunnel testing shows that the Bolt, when attached to its handlebar mount, saves 12 seconds over a 40km time trial, compared to a competitive GPS unit.

The Bolt shares Wahoo's "Perfect View" zoom and "Quicklook" LED indicators with the original ELEMNT, although the Bolt has LEDs in one location instead of three on the original. The device's screen options and other settings can be adjusted from an Apple or Android smart phone app.

Wahoo worked with designer Dimitris Katsanis on the aerodynamic features. Katsanis developed British Cycling 2002 Olympic track bike and the components used by Bradley Wiggins in setting the Hour Record in 2015.

"In recent years the sport of cycling has put a premium on the study of aerodynamics and gaining a mechanical advantage wherever possible. Knowing this, it was Wahoo's primary goal to create a computer that improved results on the bike, not hinder them. The only way to do this was to think about the end result and work backwards from there. This led us to design the computer and the mount as one; an integrated aerodynamic package. All gains needed to be achieved while also improving the user experience, the core Wahoo promise to its customers. This forced an iterative design and testing process which resulted in the innovative ELEMNT Bolt system," said Katsanis.

The Bolt has a high-contrast 2.2-inch display and has Wifi, ANT+ and Bluetooth wireless capabilities. It is pre-loaded with maps from around the world and integrates with popular cycling platforms like Strava Live Segments, Best Bike Split Race Plans, and Ride With GPS.

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