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BikeFit offers app to measure foot tilt and recommend cleat wedge setup

Published June 15, 2017

KIRKLAND, Wash. (BRAIN) — BikeFit has launched a mobile app for Android devices that lets cyclists measure their foot tilt and that recommends the number of the company's Cleat Wedges needed to optimize pedaling.

"At BikeFit, we discovered that approximately 90 percent of the population does not fit properly into a bicycle pedal. Most people have forefeet that are canted or tilted up to the inside or toward the outside. Unfortunately, almost all bike pedals, shoes and cleats take this natural tilt and force it flat. This can lead to poor pedal engagement, foot pain, hot spots (the inner or outer side of the foot feels hot), knee pain, and even back problems. To truly enjoy the bike, cyclists need to customize their foot fit," the company said.

The free app requires the cyclist's friend to take a picture with the phone's camera.

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