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Kitsbow developing mountain bike gloves with Mechanix Wear

Published April 19, 2018

PETALUMA, Calif. (BRAIN) — Upscale mountain bike clothing maker Kitsbow is working with glove maker Mechanix Wear on a new line of mountain bike gloves that will be launched later this year. Kitsbow plans to offer two models of riding gloves with Mechanix branding. 

Mechanix Wear is based in Valencia, California, and produces gloves for the automotive, industrial, tactical and construction industries. The company launched in 1991. 

Zander Nosler, the founder and CEO of Kitsbow, said, "I know that our riders will be excited to see what we've accomplished by joining with Mechanix Wear, and their deep experience in creating innovative tools for working hands.

"Like us, they've been utilizing advanced material technology with formfitting and task-specific designs to create tools that you wear. Their glove designs are refined for a unique use — and they've been doing it year after year."

Michael Hale, the CEO of Mechanix Wear, said, "I knew I wanted to work with Kitsbow the first time I rode my bike wearing their gear.

"The quality and built-in features of their gear utilize the same attention to detail and design language that we have incorporated into all of our gloves. The Kitsbow shorts fit like a glove, and the jerseys are perfect for any trail and weather condition I have used them in. Just like our products."

Kitsbow expects to begin shipping the new glove styles to customers in the middle of this year.

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