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Update: Yuba works with CPSC to fix safety risk

Published March 20, 2013

PETALUMA, CA (BRAIN)—Yuba Bicycles is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission on a recall affecting about 1,000 Mundo V4.0 cargo bikes after reports of two passengers on the back of the bike getting their feet caught in the rear wheel. No injuries were reported, and Yuba self-reported the recommendation to the CPSC, said the company's Paul Tolme.

The recall affects all Mundos sold since the model was introduced in 2006, Tolme said. The serial number range for the bikes is ADA11A008000 to ACA12D018000. The serial number is located on the kickstand plate.

Consumers should immediately stop using the cargo bikes and contact Yuba Bicycles at (877) 889-9822 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. PDT to receive free wheelskirts and have them installed at no cost. They can also go through the recall link at the bottom left of Yuba’s home page at

All Mundos have had warning labels for several years stating that wheel skirts should be used when carrying children, Tolme said. The recycled-plastic covers sell on Yuba’s website for $29.99.

The recall notice on Yuba’s website says that going forward, the Mundo will be sold with wheelskirts.

Yuba’s cargo bike line also includes a shorter but similarly designed bike with seating over an open rear wheel, the Boda Boda. That bike was not part of the recall notice, however.

Yuba founder Ben Sarrazin noted that the Boda Boda already comes with foot pegs.

“Most dealers have been very good about offering the Mundo with wheelskirts and [Yuba's] Leg Up pegs,” he added.

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