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Wiggle Facebook Store is Now Live

Published April 20, 2011

PORTSMOUTH, UK (BRAIN)—, a UK online bike retailer, has launched its own Facebook Store, featuring hundreds of Wiggle's most popular products.

Visitors to the store can give instant feedback on each product by using the "like" or "comment" features, which are popular with Facebook users. Shoppers wishing to make a purchase simply click on the product, which then takes them through to Wiggle's main site.

Martin Talbot, Wiggle's director of marketing, said: "We have a strong Wiggle Facebook community with more than 20,000 Facebook fans, so this is a great way to share Wiggle with those fans. To begin with, the Facebook Store will feature a selection of products from our main Wiggle site which will be updated each month. We look forward to seeing our customers use it and finding out more about what our Facebook fans think of each and every product."

Visit Wiggle's Facebook Store (click on above link) to find out more.

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