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Triathlon shop upgrades to larger location

Published July 5, 2012

REDONDO BEACH, CA (BRAIN) Thursday July 5 2012 11:05 AM MT—Lloyd Taylor, owner of Triathlon Lab, recently moved his shop to a larger location at 1512 Aviation Blvd. in northern Redondo Beach.

“We had really outgrown the space three years ago,” Taylor said of Triathlon Lab’s former southern Redondo Beach storefront. “Basically, we were just patiently waiting to make the jump.”

For six years Taylor outfitted triathletes from the inside of a converted gas station. “Our main selling point was how quaint the store was,” said Taylor. Size constraints and having the business in two separate buildings, however, led to issues with customer traffic and overall growth.

The new Triathlon Lab offers a versatile multi-level layout, and is centrally located in a neighborhood with a strong community atmosphere. “The new location is giving up a bigger energy and is boosting staff morale,” said Taylor. “We’re gaining a lot of customers.”

Taylor focuses most on serving beginner and intermediate triathletes. His “Triathlon Starter Kit,” which retails for $780, contains “everything you need for a first tri' except shoes,” including an entry-level road bike. Sold separately, the items in the kit add up to $1,200.

Growing in terms other than square feet, the shop boasts an increased mail-order presence and new website. “We’re taking the necessary steps to make sure we’re evolving,” said Taylor.

Marisa Shimano

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