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Tom’s Pro Bike expands, remodels

Published July 10, 2012

LANCASTER, NY (BRAIN) — Tom’s Pro Bike in upstate New York is undergoing a major expansion that will triple its size.

Owner Tom Lonzi, 52, opened Tom’s Pro Bike in 1982 and moved his shop to its current Lancaster location in 1997. “The bicycle world is doing really well in our area, so we wanted to accommodate that growth,” said sales manager Jennifer Thompson.

With ample space and increased organization, the remodeled shop will provide more products and increased convenience for customers. “We’re going to offer more variety and focus on getting more of a women’s section going,” said Thompson. “We didn’t have the room before, but now we can branch out.” The new layout also allows for a greater selection of bikes on the floor.

Along with new products, the expanded store will feature an indoor training series to accommodate athletes during the winter.

Even in the midst of construction, Tom’s Pro Bike remains open. “They’re building the new building around us so that we can stay open for customers,” said Thompson. “Tom’s number-one thing is customer service. He prides himself on giving each individual the attention they deserve.”

The remodel is expected to be completed by mid-September.

Marisa Shimano

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