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BikeRoar adds new features

Published August 5, 2013

BRISBANE, Australia (BRAIN) —, an Australia-based site that contains bike product information and links to IBDs, has added several new features to its site.

Recent site updates have seen new tools added that allow consumers to search for cycling products, then compare not only their specifications but their pricing from multiple outlets.  

“Our company is committed to preserving the important relationship between retailer and consumer despite the pervasiveness of online retail,” said BikeRoar’s global business development manager Dax Neech. “Empowering consumers to make educated purchases before stepping foot in a store helps the industry gain more passionate bicyclists.”  

Users can browse over 40,000 items and can check a ‘Compare’ box next to a product of interest. This opens a side-by-side comparison feature that outlines each product’s ratings, specifications, features and price.  

Frequently submitted merchandise reports from local shops help guide BikeRoar users through the buying process. Shoppers can conduct a localized search that tells them which bike shops have the product in stock, how far away the store is located, and the current retail price.  

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