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Wheel & Sprocket and Strategic Solutions offer retail analytics tool

Published April 10, 2014

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Wisconsin retailer Wheel & Sprocket and Pennsylvania-based Strategic Solutions - S2 are releasing a new analytics tool for single- or multi-store bike retailers.

The Wheel Toolkit links to point of sale systems (currently Ascend and Litespeed/MerchantOS) and provides owners and managers with real-time data. The system was first developed by Wheel & Sprocket owner Chris Kegel and refined by his son Noel and the chain's management team.

Wheel Toolkit is fully automated and pulls data directly from the POS, removing the need to run manual reports. It provides high-level dashboards with the ability to drill down to individual SKUs.

The open-to-buy feature allows users to quickly see the overall health of a specific department, as well as the health of any category and subcategory within the department. Sales reports display key metrics, goal setting, and dates for comparison. All reports are viewable by either gross sales dollars or gross margin dollars. It also offers direct integration with NBDA Profitability Project and Leisure Trends to save time in monthly reporting.

The tool is acessible from any web‐enabled device. Further POS platforms and feature upgrades are in development.

Sales & Service contact: Scott Wueschinski,, 855-477-7896.

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