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NBDA develops 'Buy Where You Ride' program

Published September 14, 2016
The BWYR logo.

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — The National Bicycle Dealers Association is hoping to encourage web shoppers to visit their local bike shops with a new program called "Buy Where You Ride."

The program includes a new logo that suppliers are being encouraged to use on their websites along with their site's dealer locator. The logo also is being made available to retailers for use in a variety of ways.

The NBDA's president, Todd Grant, said supplier directories rarely do much to encourage curious consumers to visit a shop.

"A lot of them, you type in your zip code and you see a listing or a map, but they are really devoid of information. The consumer learns about the (supplier) brand and their products, but little about the benefits of shopping at the local dealer," Grant said.

Grant said the idea for the program was suggested by the NBDA at a Bicycle Product Suppliers Association board meeting this spring, which Grant attended. Supplier representatives at the meeting encouraged the NBDA to develop the program.

"Everybody already has a site, now we just need the message. We see this as a real opportunity to create a transactional message and a connection between the retailer, manufacturer, and most importantly, the consumer."

The NBDA's Steven Elmes said the BWYR icon allows the NBDA to take advantage of many of the association's industry partnerships by promoting directly to consumers on behalf of its members.

The logo is an asset available for use by all NBDA members in promoting their own store, in advertising, on shop apparel, their shop website or elsewhere.

Elmes said the logo "reinforces the notion that a brick and mortar store is a part of your community, something online retailers can't offer."

The logo was developed with Anthem Branding, a Boulder, Colorado, creative agency. It will be made available in a variety of formats with accompanying style guides and some associated recommended copy, a few paragraphs about the advantages of shopping locally.

Some details of the program are still being developed. Expect to see the logo on prominent display in the NBDA booth at Interbike next week.

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