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Customer Satisfaction Training video series for retailers now available

Published December 7, 2017

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — A new 20-video series to help retailers teach staff the basics of customer interaction is now available online. The one-minute Customer Satisfaction Training videos cover everything from basic greetings and manners to more specific topics like merchandising and selling service.

The CST series is the brainchild of Ray Keener, founder of Growth Cycle, a retailer training organization. Keener teamed with retail consultant Dan Mann of The Mann Group to produce the videos, which are available through a portal on Myagi, an online training provider. Keener and Mann launched the project earlier this year and brought on 61 shops as charter members.

The team filmed the videos using input from a dealer survey and a retailer steering committee, and with the help of other industry organizations, including the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association and PeopleForBikes.

Keener said the goal of the project is to help IBDs elevate their customer service by focusing on attention, respect and expertise. But he also hopes the videos will give employees some ownership over their position and training.

“We envision a few ways that retailers can use the videos, one of which is to have the staff watch all 20 and then vote on six or so they think are most useful and will be the most beneficial for their store,” Keener said. “How does it hurt to let staff share their opinion? You have to ask — to not ask is worse. There will be more buy-in from the staff and they’ll be happy their opinion was heard. Once you see improvements in those areas, pick more and focus on those.”

Dealers already signed up for the training can access it through Myagi’s website. Year-long subscriptions to the video series cost $300 per store — and Keener said the goal from the start of the project has been to make it affordable for retailers.

“The dealers who’ve signed on and are in this are committed to trying it because they don’t want to continue to watch their floor traffic deteriorate, and it’s a small investment,” Keener said. “But the real test is not whether it’s a good concept or not whether we created the content well. The test is whether employees watch them and learn and improve behavior.”

Retailers interested in the Customer Satisfaction Training video series can view a demo and sign up at

Keener at a presentation in Boulder last month.
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