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Full Cycle gives its espresso bar/tap room its own identity

Published February 12, 2018

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — Boulder retailer Full Cycle, which added an espresso bar and beer tap area to its Pearl Street location last year, has now given that part of its business its own name: The Tune Up.


"It gives (the cafe) an identity and lets people know it's a real, different business with its own hours and own employees," said owner and GM Russell Chandler. He said giving the cafe its own name also made it easier to list different hours for the area.

"There was some confusion from people thinking that if the bar was open until 10, that meant the bike shop was open too," he said.

"The goal is to be seen as that great place to get together inside of a bike shop, as opposed to a bike shop that has a bar in it.  Both are good, but we are going for more general appeal." 

Chandler said that sales in the bike shop were up 5 percent last year, and up 13 percent since the cafe opened following an extensive remodel. That's in addition to sales from The Tune Up.

"There's been an uptick of foot traffic. People are coming into the bar and they get interested in the bikes. It's increased our revenue per square foot, which helps us pay our rent, which is pretty expensive here," he said.

The Tune Up held a "Grand Re-Opening/Re-Branding Party" on Feb. 3. Besides the new name, the business has added a bit more food to the menu, with paninis, quiche and other items. Adding the cafe cut into the store's service area, so some repair bikes are now trucked over to Full Cycle's second location, in Boulder's Hill area, for service.

A Grand Re-opening party was held earlier this month.

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