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The Pro's Closet hires Tom Gosselin

Published June 5, 2018

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — The Pro's Closet has hired Tom Gosselin to lead its IBD business development

Gosselin was previously the North American sales manager at Reynolds Cycling. His role at TPC will focus on nurturing IBD and OEM relations, the company said.

Travis Erwin, TPC's vice president of sales, said "The Pro's Closet is dedicated to strengthening the industry by improving sales velocity with our IBD and OE Trade-Up affiliates. Tom's
experience and inherent understanding of market conditions will aid in optimizing operational efficiencies and profit margins for our partners."

Gosselin said, "My previous role illuminated several obstacles of the IBD network, most notably, product sell-through. Manufacturers were asking their network for increased commitments and sales targets, while IBD shelf space was shrinking. This leads to overstock, liquidation, and ultimately frustration from both parties. TPC recognized early on that the solution is a convenient, dependable experience for a customer to sell their existing gear; something the auto industry has known for years.

"The TPC Trade-UP experience is unique as their team of specialists are trained to identify subtle intricacies of a customized build; removing the responsibility of the evaluation from the IBD. This practice eliminates potential friction between the customer and the dealer and provides a more comprehensive assessment than an algorithmic formula. These nuances not only increase conversion, but an improved customer experience; further emphasizing the trust and confidence IBD's have built their business upon."

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