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SFIA releases reports on participation in 25 sports

Published May 18, 2015

SILVER SPRING, Md. (BRAIN) — The Sports & Fitness Industry Association published the first 25 of its 94 single sport and fitness participation reports Monday. These reports provide an analysis and breakdown of participation demographics by specific sport or fitness activity, including bicycling, triathlon and stationary cycling.

“These reports allow people to drill down into specific sports’ data. The detailed dissection of participation demographics provides key figures that our companies can utilize for their business needs,” said Cameron Jacobs, SFIA’s manager of communications and research. “The specific information allows industry professionals to have a better understanding of the participants who purchase their products and provides insight for those looking to expand into new categories.”

Each report tracks a participant’s gender, frequency of participation, age breakdown, geographic breakout by region, market size, income, education level, and cross-sport participation. The first 25 Single Sport Reports are: baseball; basketball; bicycling (BMX); bicycling (mountain/non-paved); bicycling (road/paved); bowling; boxing for fitness; cheerleading; football (tackle); ice hockey; lacrosse; martial arts; paintball; rugby; running/jogging; scuba diving; skateboarding; soccer; softball (fast pitch); softball (slow pitch), stationary cycling (group); triathlon (traditional/road); volleyball (beach/sand); volleyball (court); and yoga.

“The initial 25 single sport reports help anyone involved in these sports and activities to evaluate who’s taking part and the potential market,” said Keith Storey, president of Sports Marketing Surveys USA, which conducted the studies for SFIA.

The 2015 SFIA Single Sport and Fitness Participation Reports are $99 per report to all current SFIA members and $175 for non-members. For more information about the reports, visit SFIA’s website.

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