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The Outer Line moves to

Published February 8, 2018

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) —  VeloNews is adding content from the cycling analysis and commentary website The Outer Line to the website. will publish new stories from The Outer Line as well as host its archives.

The Outer Line was founded in 2013 by Steve Maxwell and Joe Harris to explore and propose solutions to the economic, governance, structural and ethical challenges inside the sport of professional cycling. They have published almost one hundred reports and detailed long-form articles covering these topics. Maxwell is one of the partners in Pocket Outdoor Media, the company that acquired VeloNews last year. 

"Executives around the sport of cycling including team managers, federation officials, and financial executives refer to The Outer Line as the 'Harvard Business Review of the cycling world'," said Felix Magowan, the CEO of Pocket Outdoor Media. "Since Steve is a cofounder of both The Outer Line and the newly formed publisher Pocket Outdoor Media, merging The Outer Line into brings a new perspective to our coverage of the business of cycling."

Fred Dreier, the editor-in-chief of VeloNews, said, "Steve and Joe have written many articles for both our website and magazine in the past and we're looking forward to working more closely with them going forward. The Outer Line represents a new and different type of content for VeloNews, and we hope it will diversify and broaden our appeal, as well as our audience."

The Outer Line can now be found at

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