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Pivot officially launches Shuttle e-MTB in US

Published April 19, 2018

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) — While Pivot's Shuttle e-MTB was launched in Europe last year, it's making its U.S. debut here at the Sea Otter Classic. Pivot has sold out of the first three initial production batches for the U.S. A few of the brand's top dealers stocked them for the past few weeks.

Pivot president and CEO Chris Cocalis admits that he didn't think Pivot's $10,000 Shuttle e-MTB would meet with as much demand as it has.

"The sales are going extremely well," he recently told BRAIN. "The first three production of batches of bikes here have sold out. We didn't forecast enough, we didn't think the market was as strong. I can't give you the numbers, but it's going to be a good year."

Cocalis said Pivot has put together a stand-alone demo program for the Shuttle, in conjunction with Shimano. Pivot currently runs three demo vans, and now will offer a fourth only for its Shuttle e-MTB.

"The focus is not only doing events with dealers or other events, but a good portion of the time is going to be spent on land-access issues," Cocalis explained. "We're working with IMBA on a program so that when land managers reach out to them and ask for advice, instead of saying, 'We don't support e-bikes,' they can say, 'OK, here's the laws, here's legislation PeopleForBikes is pushing for.'"

Pivot will include retail hangtags on its Shuttle so customers can research where they can legally ride their e-MTB. Cocalis said he's also working with Trailforks to ensure that the app includes trails that are open to e-bikes.

"We agree that people shouldn't ride e-MTBs in places where they aren't allowed. And right now there's a lot of confusion out there about where you can and can't ride an e-MTB. The bike industry has a responsibility here to clarify things. We're trying to do our share."

For the North American market, the Shuttle, which features DW-Link rear suspension and Shimano's STEPS e8000 battery/motor combo, is available only in black with sterling silver, a muted version compared with the European model, which is electric blue and yellow.

It's available as a complete bike for $9,999. Pivot is launching the Shuttle publicly at the Sea Otter Classic (Booth 710), but some Pivot dealers got a chance to sell them weeks before the festival. Consumers have a chance to demo the Shuttle at the festival.

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