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BPSA expands retail e-bike training, partners with NBDA

Published June 19, 2018

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association plans two new e-bike training programs for retailers. 

The BPSA board approved the programs at a recent meeting here.

First, the organization will work with Straw Hat Pictures of Arvada, Colorado, to produce an extension of its original Charged Up program launched in March 2017, with the new videos focused on the three-class system of e-bikes and increased e-bike sales, acceptance and use.

For the first time, BPSA will create Charged Up content for consumers, to be rolled out for free use on supplier, retailer and advocacy websites and related social media and other marketing platforms.

"We've passed great e-bike laws in 10 states and want to make sure that shop staff understand the distinctions among the three classes," said Larry Pizzi, BPSA's E-Bike Committee chair and president of Raleigh Electric. "Retailers are the first line of personal contact with a customer and play a critical role giving riders the right information and resources to understand e-bike laws."

The second program approved at the meeting was an e-bike training program to be produced in conjunction with the National Bicycle Dealers Association and Barnett Bicycle Institute (which NBDA owns).

The program will be called "Setting Up Your Shop for E-Bike Success."

BBI general manager Jeff Donaldson said, "There are some definite differences in assembling, testing and servicing e-bikes. We want to give shops some simple guidelines to make it easy to get started and be more successful with e-bikes."

NBDA chair Brandee Lepak said, "Retailers need great tools to help them embrace e-bikes without hesitation," said NBDA Chair Brandee Lepak. "We understand there is a learning curve with e-bike technology and we are committed to helping retailers become as seamlessly proficient as they are with all the products they sell."

Both video programs will be shot in October and be available for staff training and consumer education in December.

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