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Suppliers form road disc brake committee at WFSGI

Published December 2, 2013

BERN, Switzerland (BRAIN) — Bike industry representatives are forming a committee that hopes to work with the UCI to make disc brakes a reality in UCI-sanctioned road races.


Representatives from brake, bike and wheel suppliers held a conference call last Tuesday to discuss forming the committee within the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry, which already has a relationship with the UCI in other areas. The WFSGI has agreed to sponsor the group.

Currently the UCI allows disc brakes in cyclocross and mountain bike competition, but not in road races. While the UCI rule applies only to international-level competition, the market is heavily influenced by equipment used by the pros.

A participant in the call said the committee's membership and leadership will be announced after the new year. The participant said the committee's goals are to work with UCI to address its concerns about disc brakes in road races; establish manufacturing standards for disc brakes; and establish performance and test standards for disc brakes. The group does not plan to create or recommend regulations to the UCI.

The participant said the group agreed that a representative from a bike manufacturer should chair the committee.

In the recent past, WFSGI committees have successfully worked with the UCI and the IOC on regulations involving sponsor logos on Olympic bikes. A WFSGI committee also has been in discussion with the UCI over changing the UCI's rules for testing and approving carbon wheels for competition. So far those discussions have not led to any changes in the UCI's policies.


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