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Industry group applauds the planned return of disc brake testing in pro peloton

Published October 14, 2016
Testing will resume next year with rounded disc rotors.

BERN, Switzerland (BRAIN) — The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry said it appeciates the UCI's decision to resume testing of disc brakes in the pro peloton next year.


The UCI Management Commission approved the move at its meeting Thursday in Doha, Qatar, where the Road World Championships are underway.

Under the plan, disc brake testing will resume as of Jan. 1, using brakes with rotors with rounded edges. In a statement, the WFSGI on Friday said the rounded edges are to "guarantee faster wheel changes," not mentioning safety concerns about the rotor edges.

WFSGI Secretary General Robbert de Kock said, "The industry never doubted disc brakes to be a safe and well performing product. We appreciate that the good collaboration among AIGCP, CPA and UCI did help to get a better understanding on the circumstances around the introduction of this product and did finally lead to a positive decision. The WFSGI is also looking forward to working with the UCI and a working group on a periodical review of the trial period in 2017."

The UCI statement announcing the return to testing did not mention a reason for the rounded edges.

"Following extensive examination of the equipment and a detailed safety report, it has been agreed with manufacturers that the trial will restart on January 1st 2017 exclusively with discs which should be modified to ensure the perimeter edge of the brake rotor does not contain any 90 degree edges but are smoothed or chamfered," the UCI said in a press release Thursday.

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