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Eurobike creates a platform and code of conduct for bike bloggers

Published February 15, 2017
The trade show is seeking to increase trust and communication between the industry and bloggers.

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — The owners of the Eurobike trade show are forming a platform, or club, of bike bloggers. The Wrider's Club is intended to provide a central home for bike blogs and to increase the communication and trust between bloggers and the industry. Eurobike is collaborating with a German bike promotion organization, pressedienst-fahrrad, in creating the Wrider's Club. 

"Companies that are interested in working with bike enthusiasts as possible multipliers for their brand will be able to find all of the members of the platform in one place," Eurobike said in a press release.

Membership in the club is free, but bloggers are asked to sign a code of behavior

"The Wriders' Club blogger's code of behavior specifies what readers can expect from bloggers; it covers professional conduct between bloggers and industry players and strengthens mutual trust," the press release said.

The Wriders' Club will also organize events during the next Eurobike show. Additional information is available at

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