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Confirmed: Someone bought the German motor maker Amprio

Published January 18, 2023

By Jo Beckendorff

NEUSS, Germany (BRAIN) — Although several news organizations have said that they have "confirmed" that SRAM has acquired the German startup motor company Amprio, neither SRAM nor Amprio's parent company will confirm it. That said, as one headline has it, "All signs point to SRAM" as the buyer. This week an executive at the company that owned Amprio, Rheinmetall AG, allowed that Amprio has been sold. He just declined to say who bought it.

"I can inform you that Rheinmetall sold the e-bike activities of Amprio GmbH at the end of 2022. It has been agreed that the buyer will not be named,” said Tobias Kasperlik, who is the CEO of MS Motorservice International GmbH, which belongs to Rheinmetall AG, a famous publicly traded military arms supplier based in Düsseldorf.

Meanwhile, a SRAM spokesman told BRAIN and other new sites that the company would have no comment.

The European trade title Bike Europe sent an email to an Amprio employee recently and reported that it received the following automatic reply: "Due to a relocation of the company, you can contact me immediately at: *****"

According to its website, Amprio offers a mid-drive RMag motor that offers support up to 420% and torque of 75-90 Nm, housed in a magnesium case. 

Last June, spotted a prototype SRAM e-bike motor at an event, integrated with a Nukeproof Megawatt frame. At the time, SRAM offered no comment about the prototype, which did not visibily resemble an Amprio motor.

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