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Cane Creek expands shock line with streamlined coil shock for mid-travel bikes

Published August 19, 2016

FLETCHER, N.C. (BRAIN) — Cane Creek Cycling Components is unveiling its new DBcoil [IL] shock and VALT lightweight spring. The shock is designed to bring the advantages of a coil shock to shorter-mid travel bikes. The company also introduced the Valt spring, a lightweight upgrade for existing coil shocks from Cane Creek and other brands.

The company said the DBcoil[IL] puts all of the function of an external reservoir coil shock into a lighter and sleeker package.

DBcoil [IL] offers the same features as Cane Creek's Double Barrel shocks including proprietary CS-optimized climbing damping, Twin Tube suspension technology, and four-way adjustability (adjustable high-speed compression, low-speed compression, high-speed rebound and low-speed rebound).

The new VALT spring was designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing action or durability. It's available in a variety of sizes to fit all Cane Creek shocks and shocks from other manufacturers. Weight savings range from 12 grams to 211 grams, depending on size.

The new shock and spring are available now for aftermarket. The shock is also spec'd on some 2017 Ghost bike models.

More information: DBCoilIL tech sheetVALT tech sheet or

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