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Terrene releases new Chunk 2.6-inch trail tire

Published April 13, 2018

BOZEMAN, Mont. (BRAIN) — Terrene Tires has added the Chunk 2.6 to its lineup. The trail tire will be available in 27.5-inch and 29-inch sizes in two different constructions.

The 2.6-inch size complements Terrene's existing 2.3-inch Chunk model.

"For me, Chunk 2.6 was the ability to apply five years of tire design and a lifetime of riding into a tire. It was everything that I wanted in a tire," said Terrene's designer, Anders Broste. "While it was what I wanted, it was also driven by feedback from the people I respect the most. Four iterations and feedback from many riders has resulted in a tire that I'm most excited for and proud of.

"Control and confidence is what this tire was designed to inspire—all while pushing personal limits," said Broste. "From a design standpoint I wanted to make the transition time from center to edge shorter and give more support to the outer edges by increasing the block size and support to give confidence in cornering at speed. The center knobs were also beefed up to increase braking and acceleration."

Terrene makes each of its tire models available in two different constructions: Light and Tough. The Chunk 2.6 will retail for $75.

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