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Stromer's ST5 is its new top-end e-bike model, retailing for $10,000

Published June 13, 2018

OBERWANGEN, Switzerland (BRAIN) — Stromer said its new top model, the ST5, offers new integrated features, class-leading power and exceptional battery life.

The ST5 has virtually no visible cables for a clean look — even the handlebar area appears completely cable-free. The headlight and rear light are integrated into the design and the battery is housed in the downtube. The rear wheel motor is also largely hidden by the 11-speed cassette.

A touch display containing the speedometer and controls is fused into the top tube. The battery can be ejected with the press of a finger. The bike has an electonic locking feature that is activated by Bluetooth, so that it is locked as soon as the owner moves a few meters away from the bike. Stromer's OMNI app for mobile phones provides performance data and various functions such as fine-tuning of the motor, anti-theft protection, and GPS positioning.

Stromer's "SYNO Sport" motor provides 650 watts and 48 Newton meters of torque. The battery provides 983 watt-hours and enables ranges of up to 110 miles and a speed of up to 28 mph. At the highest level of motor support, its range is 40 miles.

The bike has four-piston disc brake calipers developed specifically for Stromer. The new Cycl-e tires from Pirelli also are exclusive for the  ST5. Recommended retail price is $9,999.

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