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CeramicSpeed adopts MAP policy, offers industry purchase program

Published March 6, 2014

HOLSTEBRO, Denmark (BRAIN) — Danish bearing maker CeramicSpeed has implemented a minimum advertised price policy and announced a new industry employee purchase program.


The company said the new MAP policy, which went into affect March 1, is intended to protect dealers.

"We recognise that our high-quality dealers invest time and resources to deliver an extraordinary customer experience through knowledgeable staff and product training," said Martin Banke, managing director for CeramicSpeed. "We have taken on board dealer feedback, introducing this policy as a way of protecting their trade and ourselves as a brand."

Banke said the industry employee purchase program is intended to help retailers re-consider the value of its bearings.

"It is a simple case of getting the industry to truly understand and re-evaluate their view on the ceramic bearing industry. Low quality, under performing ceramic bearings have, and do still distort the industry's perception of ceramic bearings. A story not honest and not reflective of the performance and durability seen with CeramicSpeed products. We see it as our duty to honestly represent the ceramic bearing industry. When industry partners and employees ride CeramicSpeed products the story tells itself."

The CeramicSpeed industry purchase program can be accessed from the CeramicSpeed Sport homepage. A short application process will see applicants gain access to the program within a few days once approved.

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