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British journalist Carlton Reid looking for Bike Boom-era executives to interview

Published April 3, 2015

MARIN, Calif. (BRAIN) — British cycling journalist Carlton Reid is traveling the U.S. this year on a book tour, but also looking to interview industry folk who remember the Bike Boom days of the 1970s, as research for his next book.

Reid’s current book is “Roads Were Not Built for Cars,” which focuses on the pre-auto era when cyclists in Britain and America had political clout.

His next book is to be called “Bike Boom: The Unexpected Resurgence in Cycling.” Reid recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to get "Bike Boom" off the ground, raising about $22,000. He expects that book to be available next spring.

“I will be using some of the Kickstarter funding to pay for overseas travel so I can interview some key characters, including industry types active in the 1970s and 1980s,” said Reid, who is the executive editor of the British trade magazine BikeBiz, which he founded and later sold to Intent Media.

Reid said he’s most interested in talking to industry members from the Bike Boom era who worked closely with the bike advocates of the day.

The first stop on Reid’s U.S. book tour is Monday, when he’ll take part in a Security and Sustainability webinar from Washington, D.C. On April 12 he’ll speak at the Velo NYC bike shop in New York. He’ll also speak at the soon-to-be-opened Marin Museum of Bicycling on April 20.

His full speaking schedule.

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