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New network offers ad buys across multiple cycling podcasts

Published April 29, 2016

BOSTON (BRAIN) — Wide Angle Podium, launched in April, is a podcast network featuring several popular cycling podcasts, including Crosshairs Radio, The Slow Ride Podcast, and the newly launched Myerson Line podcast, featuring recently retired pro cyclist Adam Myerson.

"The idea behind the Wide Angle Podium Network is to create a network of podcasts that can band together and create a strong community of shows and a larger pool of listeners for all the network shows," said network founder Spencer Haugh, a co-host of The Slow Ride Podcast. "By fostering an environment of quality entertainment we can collectively create a much bigger value proposition for potential advertisers than any single show can."

Advertisers will be able to buy live-reads, (where the hosts speak to their audience about their sponsors), across any or all of the shows on the network. Four- and 8-week blocks will be available, as well as one-off ads. 

"By building a community of like-minded producers, the Wide Angle Podium Network is building a foundation for quality content and creative freedom, one that our community, and advertisers, will be proud to support," said Haugh. "Working in a network allows us to leverage this combined
listenership and community to provide real value for your advertising dollar."

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