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NEMBA provides guidance on legal e-MTB riding in New England

Published November 1, 2016

ACTON, Mass. (BRAIN) — The New England Mountain Bike Association has published an online article to provide consumers and bicycle dealers guidance about where to ride electric-assist mountain bikes on natural surface trails in New England.  

“Since this is a new form of recreation on public lands, many land managers have not yet posted clear policies at their trailheads or on their websites. So we contacted the main agencies and riding destinations to verify what trails were available to e-MTBs,” said Philip Keyes, NEMBA’s director.

The article states that “all the major state and federal land management agencies in New England allow e-bikes only on trails which allow motorized recreation. E-bikes may also be ridden on private property and private trail systems with the permission of the landowner.”

New Hampshire and Maine offer the most extensive network of trails for motorized recreation, while Vermont and Rhode Island offer the fewest opportunities except for Vermont’s Class 4 unmaintained roads, according to NEMBA. Connecticut offers two riding locations for e-MTBs, and Massachusetts offers nine, mostly in the central and western part of the state.

“NEMBA urges mountain bike advocacy groups around the country to help document the off-road opportunities available to e-MTBs and assist land managers as they develop specific policies about their use on public trails,” NEMBA stated.

The article can be found on NEMBA’s website.


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