For the sake of full disclosure I think I should admit something before I get too far into this: I am not and have never been a “biker.”

Gregg Bagni gives props to NAHBS
Gregg Bagni

Cool, a “trade” show that's local, I can hit it in a day and sleep in my own bed!! Yippeee!

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Photo-graphic by Peggy Price

One of the many lessons I learned in 1975 from my retail mentor Peter Davis from Champaign Cycle: “Never run out of inner tubes!” Of course, he could just buy more tubes, and I had to beg Tom French for mine. But that’s another story.

The Age-Old Debate broke out on Facebook a while back: Do mass market bikes discourage their owners from becoming cyclists?

Tom Ritchey welded up this 650B in 1980.

Once viewed as the less-extreme alternative to the 29er, perhaps suitable for longer travel and/or smaller frame sizes, 650B is quickly emerging as the staple size of mountain bikes of the near future.

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Editor’s note: The following piece was written by Tom Demerly, writer and photographer for Felt Bicycles, for his blog. It has been edited for length.

Editor's note: The following column was written by Judy Amabile, the president of Polar Bottle Product Architect's Inc. and Adeline Bash, public relations associate for Polar Bottle Product Architect's Inc. 

My 19-year-old son Will crashed on his bike yesterday afternoon. Hit his head hard. He was wearing his Lazer helmet. He had a bit of a headache this morning.

John Burke gave the keynote address at Interbike. Photo: Lynette Carpiet

Admittedly, all you have to do is hang out with the dark side of my family tree and you’ll realize they truly put the “funk” in dysfunctional. With that said, my late flight arrival only allowed me to hear the last half hour of John Burke's speech at the first ever industry breakfast.

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Ray Keener

It's not often that I quote the Bible. Or fall off my bike.

I'm old and cautious. My bones heal more slowly than they used to. Plus, I would surely perish if I couldn't ride my bike and play golf. So it had been decades since I've had a major bike mishap.

In the spirit of “what would Leslie want us to be doing right now.”

How the "model year" concept creates more problems than it solves...

Changes to production and supply channels have rendered model years obsolete.

It all comes down to Money, Risk, and Chinese New Year

How do you get rich marketing to a non-enthusiast customer base?

In terms of which brands are tops in which shops and/or markets, it’s not Trek, Giant, or Specialized that leads the pack.

The latest NSGA numbers point to what might be a turnaround for the US bicycle business. Or not.

A darker and often overlooked side to "flat sales."

Holy smokes someone is finally figuring out how to build an ebike.


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