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You said suppliers are getting fat and happy while shorting their retail channel partners. Maybe some are! Giant is not.

As retailers scramble to get enough product for 2021 and suppliers seek to increase their slice of pie, a new dynamic is emerging in the specialty retail channel.

Some shops have closed, and others are thinking about it. At first, I wondered, why? Haven’t we been in a bike boom? Then I started talking to the shops that are thriving to see what they are doing differently.

In a market defined by COVID-19, the controversy over a sales rep's value-add is more important — and contentious — than ever.

The pandemic that has crippled the supply chain has also shown the importance of great retail staff.

As dealer and supplier strategies head in opposite directions, the Bike 3.0 model may face its toughest test ever.

Portland retailer Erik Tonkin charges a bike assembly fee on top of the "sticker price." He says it's a better solution to shrinking bike margins.

The opinion in a recent ruling against Amazon lays out the entire basis of product liability in California and how Amazon’s attempt to shield itself from liability was really a smoke screen for its true role in the chain of distribution.

The most important problem facing the specialty retail channel right now is the fundamental question of how much the dealer actually adds to a bicycle sale. And, as usual, no one is asking it.

This is a challenging time for all of us. As more and more events go virtual, trade shows are canceled and travel within our industry at a standstill, I am concerned about the depth of connection within our industry and to our customers.

Other competitors try to beat the biggest players at their own game. But Cannondale is flipping the script in a way that benefits both dealers and itself.

Sold through lots of old inventory? Seeing your shop in a new light? This couldn't possibly be the best time to start a project like this – or could it?

It's amazing how much has changed in just one year.

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We have read plenty of articles now about this "bike boom." We still have no idea when it will end, if it will end and what the end even looks like. If this is the new normal, even for a while, I'll take it.

Excuse me for moving beyond COVID-19—at least for a few moments.

A deeper dive into the new dealer numbers reveals some interesting truths about brands, dealer populations and the industry's shifting balance of power.

Jenn Dice

PeopleForBikes' COO says that when it comes to bikes, every day brings more than just some good news.

Ellen Kast.

Talking to your landlord is one of the last things you want to do right now. Rent is likely your largest monthly expense and since you have a lease, it’s not going away.

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As we struggle to understand What Happens Next, it's critical that we first understand What's Already Happened.

Shawn Small, the owner of Ruckus Composites, says: If there can be certainty about anything at all, it is this: Our communities need us to succeed.

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