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New site uses Strava data to track bike part service intervals

Published March 27, 2015
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ATLANTA (BRAIN) — A new website,, syncs with users' data to track miles of use for chains, brake pads and other wearables — and may create opportunities for bike retailers to sell them those parts.

The app can send the user a text when it's time for parts replacement or service. Its developer calls it a "Strava-powered engine light for your bike."

The free site was developed by Will McGinnis, a professional software developer and former bike racer who worked in bike shops part-time during high school.

McGinnis said bike shops could benefit from the site's database. While he is committed to not sharing specific rider information, he's open to the idea of contacting Pedal Wrencher users with offers from local bike shops when it's time to replace or service something on their bikes. McGinnis has also considered a system that drop-shipped products as they are needed.

"What's interesting is that as we grow our user-base, we gain a very complete understanding of who needs bike maintenance, when they need it, where they need it, and how to contact them. So while we will never sell or give out the users' contact info, we can serve as an intermediary to local bike shops, to give them access to their potential customers at the exact right time."

Also on the market, Feedback Sports offers a bike maintenance app for mobile devices that allows users to keep track of when they last replaced or serviced various parts. The Feedback app does not directly track bike usage like Pedal Wrencher does, but it does keep track of more parts and service intervals for things like installing tubeless tire sealant.

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