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QBP now distributing thru-axle attachments from Robert Axle Project

Published April 6, 2015

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (BRAIN) — QBP is now distributing products from The Robert Axle Project, which sells 12mm thru-axles that allow attachment of trailers to bikes, including fat bikes, with thru-axles. The company also makes thru-axles that are compatible with stationary trainers and bolt-on OEM replacement axles.

"We look forward to having the ability to support local and independent bike shops by partnering with QBP. They are such an important part of the bike retail industry and we are very happy to be included as a vendor this year," said Chris Kratsch, president of The Robert Axle Project.

The company sells axles that fit over 40 brands of bikes and several wheel-mounted accessories. They retail for $56-$62 for mountain bikes and $63-$69 for fat bike axles. All products are designed, made and tested in Bend, Ore.

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