Did your company do anything as extreme as Jones Soda and power your office with bikes?

SRAM had a very special guest at this year's launch at the Sea Otter Classic, road racing champ Levi Leipheimer.

More product from Sea Otter!!!

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Warm weather on Friday brought out the crowds to Laguna Seca Raceway for the second day of the Sea Otter Classic

The mood was one of optimism as exhibitors kicked off the spring season at the Sea Otter Classic on Thursday. Vendors reported steady crowds, particularly for the first day of the four-day festival, as the sun shone on Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, California.

Check out some of the new products the BRAIN crew encountered on Sea Otter's first day.

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Braving fierce winds and raw temperatures, 14 die-hard golfers played for pride and industry bragging rights on the Bayonet golf course in Monterey to kick off the Bicycle Leadership Conference.

When I first heard about the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show (SDCBS) I have to admit I wondered what the point was. Consumer shows have a dismal long-term success rate. However, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show’s ongoing growth and increasing popularity, even despite moving to the cycling and tourism Mecca of Indiannapolis, Indiana, has proven that it is possible to draw a crowd of dedicated cyclists indoors for something other than a track race.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the sidewalk, Segway and GM team up for a two-wheeled version of that silly-ass scooter, dubbed PUMA, short for “Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility.” Huh. I thought that was why God gave us feet. You can even strap a pair of Pumas onto ‘em, if you’re so inclined. And they won’t cost you one-sixth of what a car costs today, which is as close as Segway chief Jim Norrod would come to discussing a price point with the Detroit Free Press.

Behold, BRAIN publisher Marc Sani on an Electra Townie.

One thing I haven’t mentioned but I find particularly interesting is that not only is Minnesota home to many bike companies and some of our industry’s top retailers, but it’s the headquarter state of many Fortune 500 companies.

Fox Racing Shox showed off its 2010 product during a media demo day on Thursday at Zaca Station, a motocross track located on an 8,500-acre private ranch outside Buellton, California.

So by now I'm sure everyone's read about Dorel's plan to consolidate its offices and move Cannondale's U.S. manufacturing overseas.

Yesterday was the day that Lance and Twitter had the chance to make history.

I just finished a fantastic week in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with the current UCI #1 ranked
Trials rider in the world, Kenny Belaey from Belgium.

Sheila Moon and her trusty sidekick Luna popped into the BRAIN offices earlier this week as they made their way from L.A. to San Diego on business.

DZ (WTB's Dain Zaffke) sent me these awesome pics by the great Alan Davis from this past weekend's Keyesville Classic.

Having reported on the launch of SmartBikeDC, the city’s new bike-share program, I couldn’t fly home from the Summit without checking out the bikes.

After a full day of lobbying on the Hill yesterday, summiteers logged a total of 350-360 meetings with their state reps and senators, according to the League’s Andy Clarke.

As I sit down for a brief break from what has been a packed day and a half of meetings, seminars and keynotes at the National Bike Summit, I’m still amazed at how much happens here over a very little span of time. This is my third year out here and it’s great to see the enthusiasm for bike projects and advocacy work hasn’t waned a bit.


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