Had an interesting chat with the vp of communications over at the Motorcycle Industry Council last week about the CPSIA.

Below are a few pictures from this year's Handmade Show.

Speedway, Indiana isn't only home base for the Indianapolis 500, but also Zipp Speed Weaponry, which resides right down the street from the iconic raceway.

Continuing his quest to be the next Anderson Cooper, BRAIN publisher Marc Sani interviewed Jay Graves, owner of Portland, Oregon's six-store chain the Bike Gallery, about the state of his business at the NBDA Super Seminar in Anaheim on Tuesday.

If you’re ever in Minneapolis, make sure to stop by One on One, especially if you’re into vintage bikes, bicycle art and coffee. This quirky bike shop in the Warehouse District is owned by Gene Oberpriller and wife Jen, who put in time at QBP. I had the opportunity to check it out during my trip this past weekend to Frostbike along with our sales rep Barry Kingwill.

Big shout out to Ben Serotta and Jeff Rowe, owner of of B and L Bikes in Solana Beach, for a hosting a terrific ride on Monday from the shop to Serotta's Composite factory in Poway.

When I rolled into BRAIN Global Headquarters this morning Marc was back from his ski hut trip.

Americans are driving less and that could mean more reason for them to consider replacing car trips with bike trips.

GT is holding out hope that this tale plays out just like that Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

It’s nearly impossible to make it through a day in this constantly connected world without hearing about Twitter.

As a self-professed apostle of city bikes, Tom Petrie sees them as the next evolution of bikes in the United States. But when asked whether he believed U.S. bike shops would convert, he admitted that was the $64,000 question.

Thanks to Kate Scheider at Bikes Belong, I just discovered an enlightening piece of research on bicycling and walking. Commissioned by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), executed by the Gallup organization, and released in August 2008, it’s a treasure trove of how Regular Americans use and view their bicycles. Click here to download the .pdfs.

All this jabber about cycling being the new golf has clearly gotten under the tender hide of the medical community, long renowned for spending more time examining putts than patients.

Fresh off a day of skiing at Mammoth, Wick from Pro Net/Kore stopped by yesterday, bringing with him some Limar helmets.

Golf's best known cyclist is David Feherty, former professional golfer from Northern Ireland and current CBS on-course golf analyst. And one of the funniest people on the planet. His irreverence is a breath of fresh air in the stuffy world of golf. Think O'Grady with a lilting accent.

Our very own Mad Dog, Patrick O'Grady, received Top 10 bicycling blog honors from veteran journalist Sal Ruibal.

Ian Klepetar has a pretty sweet gig. He rides his bike from town to town and business to business to sign new members up for Bicycle Benefits. Ian, 31, along with his brother Dillon, thought about developing it while heading up the Saratoga Healthy Transportation Network, a couple of years ago.

Like many of you, I’ll be following this year’s Tour of California with a keen eye. But, unlike many of you, I’m not what you would call an avid road-racing fan. I know: take my new BRAIN jersey off, have Sani lash me ten times over.

Old pal and industry stalwart Paul Stumpe is on his last legs (PLEASE SEE UPDATE). Paul was part of our early-'80s Bicycle Outfitter crew in Los Altos, CA (which also included owners Dick and Marilyn Powell, Ellen Johnson, Blair Clark, Robert Wilkins, Kathleen Koenig and Preston Freeman). Stumpe later ran Garner's in Redwood City for several years.

It seems hard to believe in this day and age that a Southern California garment maker can hand-make apparel and still compete with products manufactured overseas. But Maria Marsh and her mother, Leonor, are making the model work by focusing on the company’s heritage: cycling caps.


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