November 2012

Issue Highlights: 
  • In Argentina, import restrictions lead to black market
  • Continental develops belt drive with partner
  • Interbike preps for move
  • Top 100 dealers

A sample of articles in this issue:

Posted November 29, 2012

HOFHEIM, Germany (BRAIN) — Benchmark Drives develops e-bike drivetrains and lightweight, low-maintenance belt-drive systems that hold a lot of appeal. But the high belt tension of current designs stresses bearings and makes it difficult to read drivetrain tension, an integral part of efficient e-bike drivetrains.

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Posted November 29, 2012

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (BRAIN) — The Grinch stole Argentina’s bike market this year, but the industry hopes the spirit of Christmas softens the government’s stance and import laws are softened in time for the holidays, the traditional start of the Argentine bike season.

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Posted September 11, 2012

LAGUNA HILLS, CA (BRAIN) — Bicycle Retailer & Industry News has selected the Top 100 and Gold Star retailers for 2012 and has invited this elite group to a special reception in their honor t

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