June 1, 2016

Issue Highlights: 

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. (BRAIN) — The new June 1 issue of Bicycle Retailer & Industry News features articles about the growth in bike share programs nationally, and the recent spate of bankruptcies among sporting goods retail chains.

In her cover story about the share-bike explosion, BRAIN's Val Vanderpool looks at growth in the programs in New York, Chicago, Washington, Boston, and other major cities. She looks at how the programs are increasing bicycle use in many cities and examines the long-term sustainability of the programs. In a companion piece, BRAIN's Matt Wiebe looks at the technology used on share bikes.

The new issue also includes a look at the merger of SmartEtailing and Harvest Retail Marketing, the retirement of Specialized's Roger Minkow, and the pledge by IMBA and start-up organization STC to work together.

The new issue also contains our usual array of columns and features that have never been seen online, including LifeCycle, State of Retail, Global Briefs, Mad Dog Unleashed, Trade Watch, Tech Briefs and Through the Grapevine.